Okay, so I’m one of the many moms who suffer from depression and anxiety — and from this is get daily headaches that prevent me from being the me that I want to be for my babies. I’ve tried it all to be completely honest. I’ve smoked a joint, or two. I’ve taken Advil (which I hate to do because I’m not a fan of otc meds or pain killers) and literally nothing is long lasting. Before I know it, I’m miserable and wanting to just crank up the AC, go under the blankets and hibernate.

Well, not to be all commercialized and what not but I recently tried CBD Oil at a restaurant in Astoria, Queens which literally put me at ease within 20 minutes. Usually when I go out, I have a hard time enjoying myself because I’m thinking about the kids and what they’re doing. I can never sit back and enjoy my time away because they are the only things on my mind. With that being said, that oil put me in a calm state of mind and I enjoyed my night (AND I GOT A GOOD NIGHT SLEEP!!) I woke up feeling refreshed and happy. Like myself again.

I decided it would be cool to get some oils online and try it in my daily food but I came across cbd gummy bears! (I can’t say no to candy) haha I ordered them and some cbd oil and I’ve been using it ever since and I feel my life is changing. I’ve noticed myself becoming a little more positive to certain situations where I’d probably not be so calm. I noticed myself growing apart from negative and negative thoughts. I’m slowly becoming this person I’ve been dying to become for me and my Family.

I’m not on here to advertise this stuff but I literally think if you suffer from depression or feel in any way how I felt – give it a try. The feelings I have with this are amazing and I’m able to take care of my babies fully functional throughout the day without the “high” effect.

I am slowly but surly becoming who I was destined to be! – TheNYCMom

If interested in getting your own cbd oil / cbd oils with added flavoring follow @ThenycmomBLOG on Instagram and click the link in my bio! XO

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