New Year, New Me

New Year, New Me

I think a lot people make “new year, new me” posts and it makes them feel good inside thinking that this year it’ll actually be “their year.” I’ve been saying it’s my year every year since 2017, and every year that’s passed since has been filled with false hopes and lies. It’s been a rough few years, and I think that finding god has helped me through it all. It’s made me see that this year won’t be my year, unless I wake up and make it my year. How can I expect change if I’m sitting around waiting for it? I need to get out there and make changes, serious changes. I need to meet new faces, visit new places. It will never be “my year” if I’m doing the same thing with the same people that drag me down. “Misery loves company.” It’s been said over and over, and I’m tired of it; with God but my side, this year IS my year, and it can be your year too! — if you truly want it. Find a way, and make it happen. 2020. The year it all began!

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